I am blessed with a natural beauty, sparkling brown eyes and curves in all the right places. These physical attributes coupled with my vibrant personality will stimulate all your senses.

24 year old beauty, 172cm, 75kg, with long legs, and a beautiful round butt. I prefer not to show my face though, I can assure you I have a very beautiful face and a perfect smile.

No enhancements, tattoos, or piercing, and I do not smoke cigarettes or do any drugs.

I have a lovely collection of beautiful lingerie, stockings and garters as well and very stylish dresses for any occasion. Comfortable, casual or dressy. You can be assured I will also look like a first class lady in public and will always dress appropriately.

I pride myself on being someone who follows through. I am very reliable and make a point to be on time and if for any reason I am running late or need to cancel I will let you know in advance. You can expect for me to let you know as I arrive at your location.

Interests: I love to travel, and to get to know new cultures and people.

Hobbies/Outdoor activities: My hobbies are reading, going to the spa, jogging, shopping, travelling and snow skiing.I love the outdoors and love being active.

Personal: Never married and no children.

Passions: Protecting animals and spending time with family and friends. Quiet time alone and expanding my mind. I love intelligent men and engaging in though provoking conversation. Traveling around the world and learning about new cultures. Breathing great air, eating good food and sharing my time with wonderful people. Making a difference everyday!